About Martin Pugh

Martin PughMartin Pugh, lead guitarist for Steamhammer and Armageddon, grew up in England during the 60’s and 70’s Golden Age of Rock and Roll. As a young musician, weaned on this synchronistic wave of sound that defined a generation and captured the world’s attention, Pugh began laying down his progressive, blues-and-folk-influenced roots with his first band, known as The Package Deal, who started gigging in Devon and Cornwall in the early 60’s. Martin soon moved to London and joined Carl Douglas (“Kung Fu Fighting”) & The Big Stampede for a year before joining Steamhammer. Co-caretaker of the musical vision born in Steamhammer from 1969-1974, and realized further in Armageddon, Pugh and his band mates shared studio time with Hall of Famers like Keith Relf of the Yardbirds and Ron Wood of The Rolling Stones. Martin and the band then caught the eye of blues guitar legend Freddie King, who invited Steamhammer to back him on two tours in Britain; King, who Martin cites as an enormous influence on his own personal sound: a gutsy, complex exploration of raw, wailing tones that come from creative improvisation, intuition, and aggressive finger attack. It was around this time that Rod Stewart came to watch Steamhammer at a London club, and hand-picked Martin to handle lead guitar work on The Rod Stewart Album, Stewart’s first solo record.

After blazing new trails throughout Europe with Steamhammer, Martin then moved to California and signed a deal with A&M Records, recording the Armageddon album in 1974. When Keith Relf’s sudden death dissolved the band, and with the music scene’s sharp turn away from his personal interests in the late 70’s and early 80’s, Martin decided to settle down in the quiet, rustic town of Three Rivers in Central California, with his wife and two daughters. Since that time, Pugh has immersed himself in American blues.

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